Case studies of projects across a range of sectors and countries.

Waste Facilities Capacity and Compliance Assessment

Oil and gas sector

Falkland Islands - NEW CASE STUDY

Filkin & Co provided a waste mapping service to Premier Oil to enable the identification of waste type and quantity associated with planned operations to be located off the Falkland Islands. This was undertaken on a project phase and yearly basis. Expertise from Filkin & Co also involved preparation of oil sp[ill waste strategy and identification of the potential treatment routes for the waste types generated by project phase (and year)

Client feedback: "Filkin delivered a high quality and well organised analysis of the potential waste streams arising from our proposed offshore Sea Lion oilfield development. They also provided practical proposals for the establishment of waste facilities in the Falkland Islands to deal with such waste streams as well as a unique strategy to manage the collection, transfer and disposal of waste residues arising from any potential oil spillage clean-up activities as part of the preparation of an oil spill contingency plan"

Oil and gas sector

South-western Africa

Our client required an independent audit for a suite of waste management facilities in Angola which they, and other companies, use to manage and treat the wastes from offshore oil exploration and production activities.

The need for this assessment was prompted by upcoming changes to Angolan legislation whereby the discharge of some process wastes to the sea will be prohibited - "zero discharge to sea". At the request of our client to fulfil their Duty of Care, we conducted an assessment of the waste facilities' capacity and capability to deal with the increased waste quantities that would arise from the new regulations.

Additionally, our client wanted to ascertain whether the third-party waste contractor was operating in compliance with other requirements of the local jurisdiction, as well as international conventions, and to evaluate whether the facility could cope with a further increase in waste quantities from the expansion of their offshore activities.

This work involved an in-country visit to the waste facilities, an extensive review of all relevant legislation and international best practice, and a presentation of the audit findings. The final report summarised the key findings, with recommendations for improving weaknesses in operations or where compliance risks were identified.

Municipal Site Redevelopment Masterplanning

Public sector

United Kingdom

A local authority commissioned Filkin & Co. EHS and our partners, Frith Resource Management, to prepare a business case appraising the regeneration of one of their depots into a multi-use site that will incorporate a state-of-the-art Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF), amongst other key services.

The scope of the project included reviewing the whole site in terms of accommodating the various essential services to provide decision-support information. We have supported bespoke financial modelling for the redevelopment, including compiling costings for carrying out environmental assessments, conducted a historic site use review, and prepared the timetable for an environmental Permit application and existing Permit surrender.

Modelling of current and future vehicle movements allowed us to assess the impact on the local road network, and requirements for site layout configuration and associated vehicle flows. Additionally, we carried out modelling of waste recyclate storage demands for the proposed MRF.

Waste and Environmental Managed Services

Oil and gas sector

Eastern Europe, Caspian region

We provide an outsourced managed service to our client covering a wide range of environmental disciplines relating to the fabrication and operation of what is to be one of the largest offshore platforms in the world. This offshore development will potentially provide billions of cubic metres of petroleum products to Turkey and the European market.

Working closely with the team coordinating the HSE aspect of the offshore development, we provide monthly performance monitoring and reporting of the contractors involved in the construction phase. This involves the collation and analysis of a range of environmental reports, from waste arisings to pollution incidents, and the interpretation and presentation of the data within those reports. On behalf of our client, we review the compliance and performance of the contractors, highlighting any issues or concerns to their attention. The monthly data is provided in three different bespoke dashboard formats, each containing key data relevant to its audience.

Prior to the inception of the construction phase, we built a detailed waste forecast model to project the waste types and quantities that would arise for each construction activity. In addition to forecasting wastes, the model also gave an indication of the likely requirements in terms of waste containers, numbers of weekly collections, and associated transport and disposal costs of those wastes.

Other support work provided includes the preparation of waste management plans, a review of environmental management systems documentation, an assessment of meteorological data and its impact on construction schedules, and in-country site audits and inspections.

Oil and Gas Waste Management Training

Oil and gas sector

South USA

Supporting the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management we co-deliver a bespoke residential training course for a major international Oil and Gas business. We provide a lead trainer and contribute to the development and refinement of the course materials.

The intensive three-day course introduces and updates the delegates on a broad range of topics, ranging from sustainable development and climate change to resource management and technological waste treatments. Training is delivered at various locations around the world and is tailored to suit trainees where English is not their native language, and to reflect the requirements of differing jurisdictions.

Healthcare Sustainable Waste and Resource Management Training

Public healthcare sector

United Kingdom

A public healthcare trust requested a bespoke training course be delivered at their premises to educate and inform their Senior Management Team. On behalf of the CIWM, we developed and delivered a one-day training course which covered the following topic areas:

  • Sustainable development;
  • Modern waste management agenda;
  • Circular economy;
  • Resource management;
  • Classification and segregation of wastes;
  • Waste legislation and related regulations;
  • Operational management;
  • Waste inventory and waste mapping approaches;
  • Resource recovery options;
  • Planning for the future.

Planning Application Technical Review

Private waste management sector

Southern England

A retrospective planning application for the expansion and upgrade of an existing anaerobic digester facility in southern England required a high level technical review to establish whether the facility upgrade was conforming to the regulations and related guidance. In order to enable the export of biomethane to the national gas grid, the facility upgrade comprised the installation of a new digestion tank, digestate lagoon, two new CHP engines, and associated gas conditioning infrastructure.

Our commission involved reviewing the planning application and relevant documents concerning environmental and safety aspects relating to Environmental Permitting. The review focused on the following key items:

  • Safety management and risk assessment;
  • Site management, operation control, and operator competency;
  • Emergency preparedness and response;
  • Infrastructure - fitness for purpose; and
  • Control of releases to environmental media.